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          Hunan  Zikun  Information  Technology  Co., Ltd


          Contact Us
          About Us

          Company address38, the development zone of changsha city, hunan province

          Office address 6th Floor ,1B building,ChangSha Head-quarters Base ,YuHua District ,Changsha City, HuNan Province ,China



          Hunan Zikun Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a provider of information and communication solutions for optical commu-nication technology and video processing technology. The co-mpany  can provide users with leading optical...

          ZiKun information as China's domestic company focused on information and communication technology solutions suppliers at the exhibition, fully shows the with independent intellectual property rights "access", "optical transmission network" and "IPTV system" for Russian market demand for personalized solutions, caused the experts participate in the exhibition, partners, and potential users of the high attention and admiration, for ZiKun information in Russia and other cis market has played a very good publicity effect, popularity and international brand influence is also obtained the further improvement.

          Hunan Zikun Information Technology Co., Ltd


          • ZC-521GWT
          • ZC-521
          • ZC-520T
          • ZC-520
          • ZC-501T
          • ZC-501
          • 2019 Africa Com in South Africa
          • Sao Paulo NETCOM 2019
          • SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2017
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